6 Ways to Step Up Your Shave


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1. Wash first, shave second.

Shaving clean skin helps prevent two things you definitely don’t want: bumps and infections.



2. Hot is good.

Hot water makes skin more elastic and hair softer, which makes shaving easier.


3. Dry right.

Go easy on your skin after shaving. Gently pat it dry with a nice, soft towel. Don’t rub.


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4. Evening is the best time to shave.

Shave in the P.M., then use a good cream or moisturizer and let your skin be soothed all night.


5. Take care of your razor.

After shaving, rinse your razor with hot water to remove hair and shaving cream. Let it dry naturally in the air.


6. Know when it’s time for a change.

Change razors when you start needing to make an extra effort to get that close, flawless shave. The duller the blade gets, the more irritated your skin may become.