The Secrets of a Shaving Ninja

applying shaving cream to face

Secret 1: The Way of the Circle

Apply your shaving cream or gel in a circular motion, against the grain of the hair. This softens and lifts your hair and allows for a close, less irritating shave.

man shaving face with razor

Secret 2: Smooth and Short Wins the Shave

Keep the strokes of your razorblade smooth and short for a precise shave.

man looking smug

Secret 3: Go With the Growth

To shave your facial hair, you must know your facial hair. Or what direction it grows in, at least. Look closely at the direction the hair grows on your cheeks, chin and neck. Then shave in the direction of hair growth.

man splashing face with water

Secret 4: Finish Cold

After shaving with warm water, finish by splashing your face with cold water. It will soothe and cool your skin while it rinses off the shaving cream.